AMY (WELLER) PEYTON, Instructor/Founder

Amy’s desire to study piano came at age seven after watching her grandma use music as a means of blessing others. A spark of passion and drive to learn piano grew as Amy saw how music could be used to make a difference in the world.

The road of learning piano was not always easy for Amy. Proper technique, reading rhythms, and improvising did not come naturally for her. At one point, Amy was told that she probably would never be able to improvise because she didn’t have a “musical ear” and this almost caused her to stop taking lessons all together. However, determined to help her daughter's dream come true, Amy's mother found an instructor who could teach improvisation skills.

Amy became a piano teacher and piano accompanist to a voice instructor after high school. Later, she went on to study music at Northwest University and graduated with a General Studies degree in Music and Business. Since graduating from college, Amy has taught private piano lessons through her own studio and through a local music academy. Currently, Amy is a member of the MTNA (Music Teachers National Association) and part of the local SKCMTA (South King County Music Teacher Association). 

Thanks to the Lord, her dedicated parents, and her amazing piano teachers, Amy has seen her original dream come true. Over the years, she has been able to bless others through music by leading worship at church, playing for weddings and funerals, and helping others learn how to play piano. It is Amy’s vision to equip her students with a solid foundation in piano so they too can pass on the gift of music.